It’s Time to Think

Have you ever thought of what people usually do on holidays? Some go to the countryside, others meet up with friends, laborious people may work, the rest just relaxes. There’s a tradition – a dinner. Different nations have different dishes- Italians prefer pasta or spashetti, Scandinavians like seafood, Germans can’t help eating sausages. But if you have a dinner, shouldn’t you drink? Here tastes also differ. French and Italians like wine while beer appeals to Irish; Mexicans love tequila while Russians like vodka.

Have you ever thought of Russians when you hear ‘vodka’? The majority will say ‘yes’. Is it something to be proud of?

Russia is the biggest and the coldest country in the world. Lots of resourses, beautiful nature, grea lands, wonderful people… The picture should look marvelous, if not the nation’s beverage – vodka. An average Russian anually consumes 244 bottles of spirit. One third of all deaths is connected with alcohol- drunk driving, felonies, murders, mislaughters, mugging, violence… Do you think it looks nice when a group of teenagers drinks before school? Last month the government announced every other teenager is addicted to alcohol. What future does the country have? What future does it have when a couple of parents drink while the baby is crying? What future does it have now when 30 % of children don’t know their fathers? How many women will be hit? How many kids will not have parents? How many foreign foster families will Russian kids have? How many citizens will lose the nation that won the Greatest War?

┬áIsn’t it the right time to think about it just for a minute right now? Isn’t it YOU who should start it?