London’s Riots: Can Happen Anywhere

The UK is famous for it’s soldiers, Wimbledon, queen Elizabeth together with the royal family, the Quality Street candies and gardens. Starting the past week, one can add a word “riot” on this list.

Anyone who ever been to Heathrow (London’s airport) was probably surprised to see so many immigrants from Islamic countries. They work at the airport, check tickets, boarding passes, IDs and luggage, they sell souvenirs and chocolate. There is no doubt it’s wonderful to help the economics of your country, to show immigrants do not just wait for a welfare but that they do work. It is amazingly perfect except for one thing – they do wear national clothing there – long overalls, dresses, hats, long beards etc. I do think the airport managers had a few conversations about the clothing, no one knows why Asian people wear what they want but the fact is that they keep on doing it. It’s not abnormal but a bit weird when British citizens wear suits, blouses and classic dresses while immigrants can put whatever they want on.

I am telling this as I do believe there is an obvious connection between such liberal attitude to immigrants and today’s riots. According to official data, immigrants are just 10 % of the 100 % population of the UK. At first glance 1/10 could seem just a bit. Then, a logical question comes up – how could just 1/10 create such a mess in one of the biggest cities in the world?

It’s a well-known fact no one likes immigrants. I would say, “It depends”, as not every immigrant is bad or lazy. The one thing that everyone knows is that immigrants can get cheeky. No one knows how that happens but it does.

Marina, 20, a student, work at a tiny store in Saint Petersburg. The girl has to put a signature before she enters a store and when she closes it. “Every day I have to show my ID with a seal at the back. The seal gives you a right to put signatures when you open and close the store.”, explains the girl. There is a special book where people from every store leaves their signatures. So does Marina. Everyone knows each other, so it has never been a problem to see an unknown person. Now there is a person who “checks” the IDs. His job is just to ask a person to show the back of the ID (the sealed part). He is an immigrant from the South. He has an accent. That would be all fine except for one thing – he is rude. “That man never greets you, he doesn’t know such words as “thanks” or “please”.”, adds Marina. When the girl or anyone else asks what is up with the man and why he is so rude, the answer is, “In my country we don’t use it”. The man says it not because of explaining some cultural differences, he just keeps on being rude.

Here is the situation – immigrants are rude and cheeky to native population. Citizens dislike the situation, ignore immigrants, don’t give good jobs, fire them, and here the Army of Southern people go on strikes and riots.

Everyone knows the reason of the kind of riot that is in London. The sad thing is that lots of countries face the same problem: Turkish riots in Germany, Islamic riots in France, Libyan riots in Italy (have already started), Caucasian and Asian riots in Russia.

Any force to cope? Yet, at the state level the government can take it over, but riots can never be under control when at the personal level. What kind of solution could one find? Arms? Guns? Bates? Ignore? Dislike? Disrespect?

I consider everyone is to decide for him/herself.