Nothing Else but Justice

Why do people rebel? What do they fight for? What do they want to show?

Except for a geopolitical interest from one country or a region to another one, wars start because people don’t like something, don’t agree with something. It’s normal that people are not able like everything due to their nature. One may like one way meanwhile the other absolutely dislikes it. But, does it lead to protests? Usually no. What should the authorities do to make people go on riots? No doubt the government should do something “superb”, something that will make millions protest against something annoying.

Let’s say the medium age of those, who make protests, is usually not higher than 30 years old. Open any History book, and you will find out students are the power of all the rallies. Why students? The answer is rather easy. “The future is ahead of us, and we will stand for it”, says Alexandra, 21.

The student is one of those who doesn’t agree with the results of the Parliament elections in the Russian Federation. “My professor told me that authorities should change, and one and the same person can’t rule the country for many years”, explains the student. “I am going on a rally to prove that I am a citizen who is not indifferent to the results of the elections that were fraudulent”. The student’s friend, Max 21, adds, “We don’t want to do anything bad. We are fighting for the justice that was “stolen” from us on December,4″.

Max like millions of Russians wanted to vote for the candidate party that, from his point of view, was the best. “I went to the elections alone. I really wanted to vote honestly, to participate in the country’s future.” To the guy’s disappointment, he found out he didn’t exist. “My parents were on the list to vote while I wasn’t. When I came up to the lady who wrote my name down to the other list, I founded out hundreds of those who were also “no on the list”.” The student was really disappointed. He realized there is nothing he could say to those who had the lists, “They just do their job. Someone else “above” them commands to do this and that.”

And now both Alexandra and Alex and thousands of the same young guys fight for the justice. “We want to live in a fair country, to be respected and to respect the authorities. The authorities care about us, that give us a right to vote and show our attitude”, state the students.