Doing Good Things in The Mornings

Have you ever thought of being awaken by a stranger from the other part of the country?

Probably when reading this, you would imagine it happening in a police office, at a railway station or at an airport.

The answer is “no”. One more attempt?

Think of Pleasant morning wishes from someone you don’t know. Where would you get them?..

The 21 century. The Internet. Probably social networks…

Social networks… Fairly close… However the idea is quite simple. Just answer 2 questions: do you oversleep your alarm-clock and how many of them do you have at your place?

I guess the answers will be “sometimes” and “many”. So, you wake up but you can’t get up. Probably you still remember your parents telling you “Get up, darling, you will oversleep school!” many times. Do you miss it? Probably a bit. Don’t you agree it was annoying but nevertheless effective?

The key-word is “effective”. Someone should bug you in the mornings to make you get up. So the next question is: How often do you ask your friends or relatives to call you to wake you up?

Probably a few times a year or a few times a month. Nevertheless you do it.

Imagine a situation: an unknown person calls you and tells you some nice things to both wake you up and get you up. How would you like it?

A bit strange but still cute, right? However, the goal will be completed: you will get up. What’s more – you will do it with a smile on your face. Isn’t it nice?

Just a few days ago I got to know about a kind of a social network There you register rather fast (it might take you about a minute) and set alarm-clocks. You also see the lists of “sleepyheads” and “those who awake”, you can choose the time and a person (you just click) and you may also call anyone from the list. But you don’t know anything aboutthe person: no pictures, no age, no location. The main idea is to do a good thing and wake a person up.

I wanted to test the system myself, so I set an alarm-clock and started to read a book. In my case an alarm-clock would remind me of a meeting with a friend. A few minutes before the fixed time, a girl at age 15-17 called me and said “hey, wake up!”. To be honest, I expected to hear something more sweet but I suppose that person was also a newbie like me. Inspite of this, I thanked the teenager and wished her to have a good day or a good rest of the day (I was not sure what part of the country she was from).

You decide yourself if you like it or not, but the experience would be fun. Morover, try to think of it as “bringing a piece of kindness to someone’s morning”.

So, would you like to try it?