You can’t cope the system: two are worse than one

We always think we have an angel that protects us from things that happen to the other people, not to us. Whoever but not me. However, one day something really tragic can happen to us. Unfortunately. And no one will be able to help. No one, even the social system, although welfare and security are the 2 state values.

“I still can’t imagine it happened to me”, says Alisa, 23. Almost one month has already passed but the girl still remembers the story. To be honest, when I was listening to her, I thought it was a joke. I couldn’t believe it. It was something unreal. Fake. Mystery. But it turned out to be a 100% true.

February, 23 is a public holiday in Russia. Military and all men are congratulated on this Day. Wives and daughters, sisters and grandmothers, aunts and nieces congratulate their male friends and relatives. People usually try to make surprises or presents. Alisa also wanted to congratulate her Dad and just spend one evening with her beloved parents. The girl invited parents to a bar to have a nice dinner, to have some kind of family reunion.

The food was marvelous. The wine was magnificent. Karaoke and dances were excellent. But the end was awful. It was about 1 am when Alisa went outside the bar to call her friend. She just walked 50 metres from the bar, when a huge man, aged 40, Russian, hit her in the face. The girl started to lose consciousness. The man picked her up and started to carry somewhere. Luckily, Alisa’s Dad went out to smoke and saw the scene. He ran after the man, screaming, the criminal was not expecting such continuation. He hit the girl’s father in the chest and also in the face. Alisa’s father fell down which made the girl run away. Owing to some pedestrians, who saw the scary scene, the girl and the father were saved. They called the police. I must say the police office in a 2-minute walking distance so the policemen came very quickly. They were young, about 25 years old. Both not Russian. “I was telling that the criminal was there, waking down the street, I could see him. I asked them to stop him, to do something. And I heard laughter as a response. I wanted to cry. So unfair”, says Alisa. Laughter. The girl could be killed or raped and she hears only laughter from those whose obligatory work is to protect people. Laughter. Just Laughter. The policemen got into their car and drove away very quickly. Alisa and her Dad were left alone in the street. Desperated.

Meanwhile the pedestrians called the ambulance, which came rather fast. The father went home and Alisa was taken to the hospital. Although the girl was already 23, she asked her mom to go with her. Alisa, like millions of Russians, did not trust the system. Mom was waiting for her girl at the hospital hall while Alisa was asked to leave all the rings and necklaces on a special table. She went to a shower, the nurse gave her injections and Alisa went to sleep. “I woke up because of unbelievable pain. I could not understand anything. I was fastened to my bed. I was wearing strange dirty clothes. I turned my head and saw 3 men, all lying in dirty clothes like me. I was the only girl. It was scary. I called the nurse”, recollects the 23-year old. The nurse came only in 20 minutes. She was unhappy because probably Alisa stopped her to do something. The nurse’s words shocked the girl:”There’s a crazy woman in the hall. She wants to see you very much. I think it’s your Mom. Be quick. Unfasten yourself. We don’t have much place and time for you. Go home with your crazy Mom”. Alisa could barely speak. She didn’t even want to. It took the girl half an hour to unfasten. A bit later when Alisa met her Mom, she was crying. “I felt like I was maybe 3 but not 23. I was a little child at that moment”, recollects Alisa. Mom was crying, too. Speaking about the jewelry left before the medical procedures, 2 golden rings were stolen. However, the girl and her mom didn’t want to talk to the hospital staff about it. All they wanted was to leave that nasty place as soon as possible and to forget that weekend, though it was a holiday.

When I heard this story with my friends, we were listening to it as if it was a story about aliens. It was something strange for us. We agreed on not telling this story to our parents as they would not let us go out late at nights anymore.

Life is life. Of course, a maniac can attack you everywhere in the world. In any safe city or any rich area. However, in civilized countries people do get welfare. At the hospital they are treated like human beings, not like animals. And this does not depend on your wallet. In civilized countries people do have security. The police always help, especially when people show them the criminals. And where do we live? Why do we agree on what we have? Why do we vote for those who can’t guarantee us safe life? Why do we say Russia is a great country when we have such tragic situations on our own doorstep? Of course, we can forget and live in our own dreams but isn’t it high time to do anything about our lives in our own country?


Where Is My Vote?

I am one of those 140.000.000. I live in Russia. I was born in Russia. It’s my country.

I live in a democratic country. I have a legal right to vote. But where’s my vote?

Almost 2 years ago I was making a difficult choice when electing the Future of my country. I was thinking for about 5 minutes before I had made my final decision. It was difficult. Like many Russian people I was blaming myself afterwards. I expected more. Maybe I was naive but I really wanted some changes.

Time has passed. 2 years are gone. Everything is calm. Seems to be stable. But where’s my vote?

Democratic country. Did those who we have supported ask me if I really wished for the Olympic Games in 2014? Did they ask me about the FIFA World Cup in 2018? Did they wonder if I wanted to send troops to the Ukraine? Did they question me about boosting different countries with my money from my oil and my gas?

Maybe I want safety and lack of corruption in my country. I crave for quality education for young generation and deserved retired pay for senior people. I want new roads and metro lines. I desire more opportunities. I wish to see satisfied people. That’s what I have voted for.

Nobody asks me about it. Nobody cares. I have not given them my vote. They have stolen it. Have made it theirs. And left forgotten. Where’s my vote?