Breaking Stereotypes: People at Another Places are Better

First of all, let me say that the idea of this article was not to show anything from a bad perspective, the idea was to show the reality. And you are those who will judge if the attempt was successful or not.

Many of us, when live abroad or just travel, think that people there are much better than where we live or come from. But sooner or later we break this stereotype, which is rather good as people are the same everywhere. There are always good people, and always, unfortunately, bad people, while the place is not of a great importance. The only problem is that when you are abroad, you can have more troubles than at home due to culture, language and judicial differences. In this article I am going to share 3 various stories. All of these 3 stories happened in different years, at different places and with different people.

Olga, 26, St. Petersburg, likes to travel. It’s rather interesting but when I interviewed her, she wanted to reveal her emotions and forget that bad experience as soon as possible, though the story happened some years ago when the young lady went to Barcelona, Spain. «It was a rainy day, it was about midnight and we were tired. We came to the hotel, threw our things on the floor. The camera with many photos was in one of the bags that Olga put on the floor». In the morning the girl was not able to find the bags. It turned out that the chambermaid had thrown the things away. When Olga tried to talked to the receptionist, the conversation was not pleasant at all. The receptionist didn’t want to pay any repayment. The chambermaid pretended not to be able to speak English. However, she said that the trash had already been taken out.  «I was not that much sad about losing the camera itself but about losing the photos and memories», says Olga. She adds that after this situation she has no desire to go back to Spain.

Julia has not been that much impressed in a negative way by foreign experience but she still has not the best recollection of one day of her winter trip to Portugal. Julia, 25, Germany, is a student. «When me and my friend went to Portugal this winter, we had to spend only one night in Lisbon though we wanted to spend more. The hotel was disgusting. The central heating was not working properly and it was very very dirty. We had to go to Porto the next day». However, the lady says, she loves Portugal so much that this tiny situation has not changed her attitude to the country and its people.

And here comes my own story. One of my hobbies is traveling but after this situation, I travel much much less. It is senseless, of course, but this story influenced my traveling a lot. Summer 2013. A train Mannheim – Wiesbaden via Frankfurt Airport. It’s about midnight. Next morning I was supposed to take a plane to Prague. Let me say that the tickets for the trip (it was a trip from Dusseldorf to Stuttgart with some stops) were the most expensive train tickets in my life, so I expected a super first class service. But as it often happens in life, expectations and reality are totally different. First of all, the train didn’t go to Frankfurt Airport as it was supposed to go. Secondly, the conductor on a train saw that I was a foreigner, I told him the story about the plane next morning. But he didn’t want to help. It was not his business, as he said. That was the biggest shock for me while traveling. But life is like a zebra: something bad happens, and then immediately something good. In Mannheim just a typical railwayman helped me, he advised me to take the regional train to Frankfurt Main Station and then get a train to Dusseldorf. And I was the lucky one that night – I took the train and managed the early plane to Prague. But this rude attitude of the German railway conductor damaged my stereotype of foreign countries and other cities as an ideal place, full of happy and friendly people. True and open.

Maybe we should just be prepared to unexpected situations and we also should not expect perfect attitude from the other people, even when we are relaxed on holidays.

just want to show that the stereotype mentioned in the beginning should be broken.