Such Different Beggars

You see them in big cities. You usually do not pay any attention to them as you are just used to. They are where people are: on subway, on trains, on central streets… How to recognize them? They have no definite age, gender, clothes and no definite scheme. They have only thing in common. It is the goal:all  of them want to get your money.

Who are they? Beggars…What are you associations when you hear this word?

Of course, people need the money since they need it. But here things can get differently. I will show some interesting examples of beggars that I met in my life and we will see…..

I always thought that well-dressed and intelligent kids cannot be beggars since they have what they want and they do not want much. Guess how much I was surprised when on a hot June evening I met a teenage boy, well-dressed and polite, who asked me for the money. It was about 10 pm and they boy was almost crying, asking me to give him 100 rubles (3 US dollars). I was surprised that he said exactly the amount of money. Then he told me a story how his things were stolen and that he wanted go home by train. I advised him to go to the police office but he answered as an adult that police would not help. To be honest, I did not believe his story. However, I was thinking that he is an innocent kid and he cannot lie. I was doubting but I decided to help. I gave just 10 rubles to the boy, he did not say thanks, just grabbed the coin and went away. Of course, after that I realized all his stories were not true. But as we say “Let the God  be the judge for this boy”.

A more usual situation with the beggars is when it is a young woman with many kids who is staying in the street and asking for the money. Everyone who lives in a big city sees such kind of beggars every day. They ask the money for the surgeries for kids, they are pregnant but they still earn the money. Most of them work every other day for many years. It seems like they must go to work or go to special agencies that could help them since they are not the only ones who need help for the surgeries. The thing is that such people mostly pretend. They work for special crime group and bring income to them…

Let me say that some people do really need the money and their intents are innocent and honest. In winter 2014 I met many times a young man who was asking for the money on a subway train. He could not walk properly, he was almost falling when the train was stopping. He did not say many words. His eyes were very kind and full of sunshine. He did not take the money from old people and from kids, saying that they needed they money more then him. I believe he really need the money and I hope everything goes well with him now.

When we speak about young people, they are very creative in finding legal ways to earn the money. Many of them play musical instruments, some sing, others dance. All these activities bring positiveness to lives of other people. Some young people get eve more creative: last week I met on a subway train a young girl who was asking for the money for a duck and the duck was with her. The animal was not scared of loud voices and noise. It was walking here and there, observing the people. I hope you admit that you cannot see a duck in a big city every day. That’s why people were keen on giving the money to such a creative owner of a duck.

You might read it and wonder why I am writing this post. I think all of  you meet beggars no matter where you live. And it is often very difficult to distinguish who of them is honest and who is not. But why wouldn’t you give some money to some creative singers to to people who do not take money from old people and from kids?



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