Do Not Blame Millennials

Owing to my Social Theory Professor, I am writing this article now. The task for me as a student was to watch a modern movie and then say which idea is the main one and how it is connected with the society.

I will not say the name of the movie, I watched but the thing I want to share is Trend. Have you ever thought about this word?

Trend is different for each age group and here I am going to discuss millennials.: If you are in your twenties, you use Instagram and want to gain profit from Bitcoin.

Going to a bit deeper sense of a word “trend”, I would like to introduce an aspect of moral values. Are they trendy?

Kids are being bullied at schools, girls are being ready to do almost everything to get a new iPhone, rich kids neglecting all rules while driving luxury cars…. Yes, these things always existed but the scale has never been as enormous as nowadays. They are ready to do whatever to get more “likes” and “reposts” on social networks, especially on Instagram. They have almost no limits and they are ready to do the craziest things just to become popular.  Why? And what about their parents, teachers and professors, who should give a good example to follow but not to criticise them?



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