You can’t cope the system: two are worse than one

We always think we have an angel that protects us from things that happen to the other people, not to us. Whoever but not me. However, one day something really tragic can happen to us. Unfortunately. And no one will be able to help. No one, even the social system, although welfare and security are the 2 state values.

“I still can’t imagine it happened to me”, says Alisa, 23. Almost one month has already passed but the girl still remembers the story. To be honest, when I was listening to her, I thought it was a joke. I couldn’t believe it. It was something unreal. Fake. Mystery. But it turned out to be a 100% true.

February, 23 is a public holiday in Russia. Military and all men are congratulated on this Day. Wives and daughters, sisters and grandmothers, aunts and nieces congratulate their male friends and relatives. People usually try to make surprises or presents. Alisa also wanted to congratulate her Dad and just spend one evening with her beloved parents. The girl invited parents to a bar to have a nice dinner, to have some kind of family reunion.

The food was marvelous. The wine was magnificent. Karaoke and dances were excellent. But the end was awful. It was about 1 am when Alisa went outside the bar to call her friend. She just walked 50 metres from the bar, when a huge man, aged 40, Russian, hit her in the face. The girl started to lose consciousness. The man picked her up and started to carry somewhere. Luckily, Alisa’s Dad went out to smoke and saw the scene. He ran after the man, screaming, the criminal was not expecting such continuation. He hit the girl’s father in the chest and also in the face. Alisa’s father fell down which made the girl run away. Owing to some pedestrians, who saw the scary scene, the girl and the father were saved. They called the police. I must say the police office in a 2-minute walking distance so the policemen came very quickly. They were young, about 25 years old. Both not Russian. “I was telling that the criminal was there, waking down the street, I could see him. I asked them to stop him, to do something. And I heard laughter as a response. I wanted to cry. So unfair”, says Alisa. Laughter. The girl could be killed or raped and she hears only laughter from those whose obligatory work is to protect people. Laughter. Just Laughter. The policemen got into their car and drove away very quickly. Alisa and her Dad were left alone in the street. Desperated.

Meanwhile the pedestrians called the ambulance, which came rather fast. The father went home and Alisa was taken to the hospital. Although the girl was already 23, she asked her mom to go with her. Alisa, like millions of Russians, did not trust the system. Mom was waiting for her girl at the hospital hall while Alisa was asked to leave all the rings and necklaces on a special table. She went to a shower, the nurse gave her injections and Alisa went to sleep. “I woke up because of unbelievable pain. I could not understand anything. I was fastened to my bed. I was wearing strange dirty clothes. I turned my head and saw 3 men, all lying in dirty clothes like me. I was the only girl. It was scary. I called the nurse”, recollects the 23-year old. The nurse came only in 20 minutes. She was unhappy because probably Alisa stopped her to do something. The nurse’s words shocked the girl:”There’s a crazy woman in the hall. She wants to see you very much. I think it’s your Mom. Be quick. Unfasten yourself. We don’t have much place and time for you. Go home with your crazy Mom”. Alisa could barely speak. She didn’t even want to. It took the girl half an hour to unfasten. A bit later when Alisa met her Mom, she was crying. “I felt like I was maybe 3 but not 23. I was a little child at that moment”, recollects Alisa. Mom was crying, too. Speaking about the jewelry left before the medical procedures, 2 golden rings were stolen. However, the girl and her mom didn’t want to talk to the hospital staff about it. All they wanted was to leave that nasty place as soon as possible and to forget that weekend, though it was a holiday.

When I heard this story with my friends, we were listening to it as if it was a story about aliens. It was something strange for us. We agreed on not telling this story to our parents as they would not let us go out late at nights anymore.

Life is life. Of course, a maniac can attack you everywhere in the world. In any safe city or any rich area. However, in civilized countries people do get welfare. At the hospital they are treated like human beings, not like animals. And this does not depend on your wallet. In civilized countries people do have security. The police always help, especially when people show them the criminals. And where do we live? Why do we agree on what we have? Why do we vote for those who can’t guarantee us safe life? Why do we say Russia is a great country when we have such tragic situations on our own doorstep? Of course, we can forget and live in our own dreams but isn’t it high time to do anything about our lives in our own country?


Where Is My Vote?

I am one of those 140.000.000. I live in Russia. I was born in Russia. It’s my country.

I live in a democratic country. I have a legal right to vote. But where’s my vote?

Almost 2 years ago I was making a difficult choice when electing the Future of my country. I was thinking for about 5 minutes before I had made my final decision. It was difficult. Like many Russian people I was blaming myself afterwards. I expected more. Maybe I was naive but I really wanted some changes.

Time has passed. 2 years are gone. Everything is calm. Seems to be stable. But where’s my vote?

Democratic country. Did those who we have supported ask me if I really wished for the Olympic Games in 2014? Did they ask me about the FIFA World Cup in 2018? Did they wonder if I wanted to send troops to the Ukraine? Did they question me about boosting different countries with my money from my oil and my gas?

Maybe I want safety and lack of corruption in my country. I crave for quality education for young generation and deserved retired pay for senior people. I want new roads and metro lines. I desire more opportunities. I wish to see satisfied people. That’s what I have voted for.

Nobody asks me about it. Nobody cares. I have not given them my vote. They have stolen it. Have made it theirs. And left forgotten. Where’s my vote?

Doing Good Things in The Mornings

Have you ever thought of being awaken by a stranger from the other part of the country?

Probably when reading this, you would imagine it happening in a police office, at a railway station or at an airport.

The answer is “no”. One more attempt?

Think of Pleasant morning wishes from someone you don’t know. Where would you get them?..

The 21 century. The Internet. Probably social networks…

Social networks… Fairly close… However the idea is quite simple. Just answer 2 questions: do you oversleep your alarm-clock and how many of them do you have at your place?

I guess the answers will be “sometimes” and “many”. So, you wake up but you can’t get up. Probably you still remember your parents telling you “Get up, darling, you will oversleep school!” many times. Do you miss it? Probably a bit. Don’t you agree it was annoying but nevertheless effective?

The key-word is “effective”. Someone should bug you in the mornings to make you get up. So the next question is: How often do you ask your friends or relatives to call you to wake you up?

Probably a few times a year or a few times a month. Nevertheless you do it.

Imagine a situation: an unknown person calls you and tells you some nice things to both wake you up and get you up. How would you like it?

A bit strange but still cute, right? However, the goal will be completed: you will get up. What’s more – you will do it with a smile on your face. Isn’t it nice?

Just a few days ago I got to know about a kind of a social network There you register rather fast (it might take you about a minute) and set alarm-clocks. You also see the lists of “sleepyheads” and “those who awake”, you can choose the time and a person (you just click) and you may also call anyone from the list. But you don’t know anything aboutthe person: no pictures, no age, no location. The main idea is to do a good thing and wake a person up.

I wanted to test the system myself, so I set an alarm-clock and started to read a book. In my case an alarm-clock would remind me of a meeting with a friend. A few minutes before the fixed time, a girl at age 15-17 called me and said “hey, wake up!”. To be honest, I expected to hear something more sweet but I suppose that person was also a newbie like me. Inspite of this, I thanked the teenager and wished her to have a good day or a good rest of the day (I was not sure what part of the country she was from).

You decide yourself if you like it or not, but the experience would be fun. Morover, try to think of it as “bringing a piece of kindness to someone’s morning”.

So, would you like to try it?

Nothing Else but Justice

Why do people rebel? What do they fight for? What do they want to show?

Except for a geopolitical interest from one country or a region to another one, wars start because people don’t like something, don’t agree with something. It’s normal that people are not able like everything due to their nature. One may like one way meanwhile the other absolutely dislikes it. But, does it lead to protests? Usually no. What should the authorities do to make people go on riots? No doubt the government should do something “superb”, something that will make millions protest against something annoying.

Let’s say the medium age of those, who make protests, is usually not higher than 30 years old. Open any History book, and you will find out students are the power of all the rallies. Why students? The answer is rather easy. “The future is ahead of us, and we will stand for it”, says Alexandra, 21.

The student is one of those who doesn’t agree with the results of the Parliament elections in the Russian Federation. “My professor told me that authorities should change, and one and the same person can’t rule the country for many years”, explains the student. “I am going on a rally to prove that I am a citizen who is not indifferent to the results of the elections that were fraudulent”. The student’s friend, Max 21, adds, “We don’t want to do anything bad. We are fighting for the justice that was “stolen” from us on December,4″.

Max like millions of Russians wanted to vote for the candidate party that, from his point of view, was the best. “I went to the elections alone. I really wanted to vote honestly, to participate in the country’s future.” To the guy’s disappointment, he found out he didn’t exist. “My parents were on the list to vote while I wasn’t. When I came up to the lady who wrote my name down to the other list, I founded out hundreds of those who were also “no on the list”.” The student was really disappointed. He realized there is nothing he could say to those who had the lists, “They just do their job. Someone else “above” them commands to do this and that.”

And now both Alexandra and Alex and thousands of the same young guys fight for the justice. “We want to live in a fair country, to be respected and to respect the authorities. The authorities care about us, that give us a right to vote and show our attitude”, state the students.

London’s Riots: Can Happen Anywhere

The UK is famous for it’s soldiers, Wimbledon, queen Elizabeth together with the royal family, the Quality Street candies and gardens. Starting the past week, one can add a word “riot” on this list.

Anyone who ever been to Heathrow (London’s airport) was probably surprised to see so many immigrants from Islamic countries. They work at the airport, check tickets, boarding passes, IDs and luggage, they sell souvenirs and chocolate. There is no doubt it’s wonderful to help the economics of your country, to show immigrants do not just wait for a welfare but that they do work. It is amazingly perfect except for one thing – they do wear national clothing there – long overalls, dresses, hats, long beards etc. I do think the airport managers had a few conversations about the clothing, no one knows why Asian people wear what they want but the fact is that they keep on doing it. It’s not abnormal but a bit weird when British citizens wear suits, blouses and classic dresses while immigrants can put whatever they want on.

I am telling this as I do believe there is an obvious connection between such liberal attitude to immigrants and today’s riots. According to official data, immigrants are just 10 % of the 100 % population of the UK. At first glance 1/10 could seem just a bit. Then, a logical question comes up – how could just 1/10 create such a mess in one of the biggest cities in the world?

It’s a well-known fact no one likes immigrants. I would say, “It depends”, as not every immigrant is bad or lazy. The one thing that everyone knows is that immigrants can get cheeky. No one knows how that happens but it does.

Marina, 20, a student, work at a tiny store in Saint Petersburg. The girl has to put a signature before she enters a store and when she closes it. “Every day I have to show my ID with a seal at the back. The seal gives you a right to put signatures when you open and close the store.”, explains the girl. There is a special book where people from every store leaves their signatures. So does Marina. Everyone knows each other, so it has never been a problem to see an unknown person. Now there is a person who “checks” the IDs. His job is just to ask a person to show the back of the ID (the sealed part). He is an immigrant from the South. He has an accent. That would be all fine except for one thing – he is rude. “That man never greets you, he doesn’t know such words as “thanks” or “please”.”, adds Marina. When the girl or anyone else asks what is up with the man and why he is so rude, the answer is, “In my country we don’t use it”. The man says it not because of explaining some cultural differences, he just keeps on being rude.

Here is the situation – immigrants are rude and cheeky to native population. Citizens dislike the situation, ignore immigrants, don’t give good jobs, fire them, and here the Army of Southern people go on strikes and riots.

Everyone knows the reason of the kind of riot that is in London. The sad thing is that lots of countries face the same problem: Turkish riots in Germany, Islamic riots in France, Libyan riots in Italy (have already started), Caucasian and Asian riots in Russia.

Any force to cope? Yet, at the state level the government can take it over, but riots can never be under control when at the personal level. What kind of solution could one find? Arms? Guns? Bates? Ignore? Dislike? Disrespect?

I consider everyone is to decide for him/herself.

Can We Cope The System?

Life is an amazing thing. It’s given to a person just once. Appreciate it. Together with the lives of other people.

Last Sunday 200 people got sunk on a ferry along the river Volga. 3 weeks ago a plane crashed in Karelia. Lots of Russian citizens died, what’s worse- there were dozens of kids. No one got fired. Or, maybe, someone got fired just “for the official statistics”.

Have a look: someone dies, kids lose their lives, dozens of people lose relatives and friends, they burn and sink. No one cares. One might say as far as the government gives some financial aid to their families, it does care. When did it turn out a person’s life can be substituted with the money?! Yet, people die. Planes fall down, boats sink, terrorists blow themselves.

Now just think of the blast at Moscow’s airport the past January. Someone just blew himself. In one of the biggest cities in the world. Just blew himself. And not in outskirts, but at the international airport. Where were the cameras and security? Who was on a coffee break at that moment?

Half of the year has passed, just a few people are fired. Someone “created” a mythological 20 year old who blew himself. Who believes that fairy tale? Who believes the fairy tales of 2 young bombers who blew Moscow underground in March,2010?

Those days all people were scared. Alena, 21, a student, says her roommates and friends were so scared that they took a bus to college. Students woke up 2 hours earlier just not to be blasted. Taking subway trains, Nikita, 21, a student, remembers he closed his eyes and counted seconds till the next stop. “People stared at each other as if everyone around was an enemy”, says the guy. Nikita remembers when a Muslim lady entered the car, lots of people left it. The others who were not able to do it, pushed the emergency button, and the train was stopped. No one knows if that lady wanted to blast anyone or if she was just going to college or to work or to meet up with anyone. Just the sign that people with Slavic appearance showed their attitude toward the lady in such a negative and unfriendly way means something. No one believes anyone. And that’s the most terrifying thing. Inciting religious or national hatred will lead to nothing good on the future. And this situation is the basis for it.

Alisa, 21, a student, was coming home after college. The girl saw a suitcase in an elevator. No one was near it. The girl called the police. The police car arrived in 40 minutes. Let’s point out Alisa lives in St. Petersburg City area, not in a rural area. And now think what if there was a blast? How many people would die? And the police came just in 40 minutes. Alisa was yelled at for “interrupting the police from their coffee break”. The girl cared about the suitcase, the police did not. Will the girl ever call the police anymore if anything happens? I don’t think so.

A few years ago Masha, now 21, a college student, saw a man lying in the street. Everyone passed him, the girl stopped. Masha used to live in Germany for a few years, so it was absolutely normal for her to stop and help people. The girl dialed the ambulance. One woman stopped to help the girl wait for the ambulance. The others were passing the man. The ambulance arrived in 50 minutes. And, again, that was in St. Petersburg City, on usually packed Stachek Prospekt. When the nurse saw the man, he said the man was drunk, and that Masha and the woman better called the police. Now imagine, a man is lying down in the street, he doesn’t move. Is the first thought to call the police or ambulance? I guess the answer will be “ambulance”. Masha tried to help, and she got yelled at. Will she ever help again? Maybe, but she doesn’t want to be accused of anything, doing the right thing. And now imagine the man hadn’t beeb drunk, and something serious had happened to him. Would doctors save him if the ambulance arrived in 40 minutes after the call? It depends, but in the majority of the cases the answer would be “no”.

Can each of us do anything? Yes, we can. A bit. Step by step. We are able to help when a person needs it. Treat a person like you would like to be treated. Never hope, always act. Work hard. The Future of the nation is only in your hands, not in someone’s else. Together the nation could change such attitude and break some stereotypes. Together means the alliance of every person.

Summer Time: Parties On The Run

It’s not a secret summer is time for parties all over the world. Youngsters wait for summer as if a miracle will happen. And that is understandable: the sun is shining, kids wear dresses that reflect summer mood, T-Shirts and shorts that show some tan.

Does anyone party during the day? Probably not. Kids love to chill out after 10 pm: it’s not that warm and there are no people in the streets so no one bothers. No one bothers the kids, but do kids themselves bother anyone?

Liza, 21, a college girl, wakes up early every day. She does sports, then goes either to college or to work. Her schedule is rather strict, and she likes it. “Summer is the worst time of the year”, says the girl. “I can’t sleep as it’s stuffy so I have to open the window. That would be ok but for youngsters who party all night long. I do have to listen to that as otherwise I won’t sleep without fresh air.”

What’s worse? How should tiny kids sleep? Oleg, now 7, used to have problems sleeping on holidays, especially on New Years. When 2, the baby was tossing and turning the whole night. The reason was simple: big boys and girls didn’t let him sleep. They were yelling, screaming and partying so loud that the kid was scared. Now Oleg is a bit older, he can drink champagne for kids and stay up to 11 pm on New Years, eating chocolate and watching his favorite “Cars”.

What would a person do if anyone prevented him from sleeping? Calling the police or talking to those who party?

Talking is a friendly way of resolving the situation. However, there’s no guarantee party animals will stop what they are doing. There’s no guarantee they will not use swear words or even fight.

Calling the police is the safest way. It should be the safest. However, see what happens when you dial 112 and then press 2. It’s success someone will talk to you and say “the police will be there in … minutes”. Will they come in those … minutes? Far from it. Be ready to wait for an hour. No one cares. Does if mean it a good thing to yell in the streets? It means that.

Every time Liza wants to throw a party, she warns every neighbor about it. Friends find it silly while the girl cares about the other people.

Treat people the way you want to be treated. Respect the others and take care of tiny babies who won’t get any pleasure out of listening to bad words and constant dreams. Or, would you like your baby listen to it?